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London’s best Live Blues Jam

Calling all Guitarists, Bassists, Vocalists, Drummers, Harmonica players and musicians with a talent to show!

We’re proud to say that we believe we have the best Open-Mic Blues Night in all of London. If you’re a musician, a hobbyist, or just looking to watch some great music then The Blues Jam at Northern Soul Bar is not to be missed!

We welcome musicians and artists of all skill levels. This is the perfect place for you to hone your skills and have fun! Northern Soul Bar and Kitchen is the number one place in London to see and take part in a vibrant night of blues, and gig in front of a passionate crowd.

Best Blues Jam London

When is the Blues Jam?

Our Jam takes place every Tuesday and Friday from 8.30PM until Midnight! If you want to hear some of the most talented players in the whole of the UK play some classic blues, rock n’ roll and soul (and even join in yourself) then this is the night for you.

Expect to hear players with all different kinds of experience, from backgrounds in Jazz, Funk, Rockabilly, Folk, and just about everything else. It is the coming together of the spectacular individuals and the wonderful space that helps to make this one of the most unique and exciting blues jams you will find anywhere.

Who host our blues Jam?

The spectacular Davide Mazzantini is the host of the greatest jam session in London, and joining him is his regular band of all-star musicians from around the world, who have gained their experience from Blues Nights everywhere, all gathered here in the best venue to play the Blues.

As for us, we are a bar and restaurant dedicated to bringing you the best Blues and Soul music from the past and present. With a recently renovated and breathtakingly stylish design, and superb food and drinks, this is the place to be for live music, DJs, and lots of other exciting events.

Our Venue

We are located in a cool spot of North London, within short walking distance between either Tufnell Park or Archway Station, both on the Northern Line (24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays!).

To host the best blues jam, we have a fully kitted out club room with a sleek and intimate atmosphere.

Our equipment consists of a full PA system, guitar and bass amps, microphones and a top class full drumkit. If you don’t have an instrument to bring then you’re always welcome to borrow a guitar or bass to use up on stage.

How do I join?

If you want to take part or just watch and listen to¬† the best blues jam in London then all you need to do is turn up during the event! We are happy to welcome both novices and veterans to our brilliant blues nights, and are always looking for new faces. Our friendly regulars and guests are sure to make you feel at home, whether you feel like getting up on stage or not. It’s all about the love of good music and the joy of playing in and watching a good blues performance!

A bit of History about the Blues

Blues Music emerged out of the American South at the beginning of the 20th Century amongst the rural communities of African Americans that evolved from the culture of black slaves following emancipation after the American Civil War.

Blues has its roots largely in traditional African musical traditions that were brought over during the transatlantic slave trade, and also incorporates elements from folk and gospel music, much like its musical cousins, Soul and Jazz music.

We want you!

Blues began in the American South with performers such as Son House, Robert Johnson, and Blind Willie McTell  amongst countless other influential performers emerging from states such as Mississippi and Georgia to create a style of music and playing that came to be known as Mississippi, Delta, or acoustic blues.

The Blues then moved North with African American populations leading to a style pioneered mainly in cities known as Chicago Blues or Electric Blues, the type played by B.B. King, Muddy Waters, and Willie Dixon, amongst many others.

And then the Blues came to the UK, and particularly London. Bands and musicians such as The Rolling Stones, The Animals, and Alexis Korner discovered the blues through records by artists like Howlin’ Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson, and John Lee Hooker. This sparked a revolution in the British music scene, bringing the once obscure musical genre to the dazzled crowds of music-goers and eventually to the top of the charts to take the world by storm and create a Blues revolution.

Since then, the impact of blues on world culture is too large to measure. Whole Hollywood films have been based around the Blues and Blues Musicians, such as the Blues Brothers and Cadillac Records, about the legendary Chess music label. And of course, without Blues, there would be no Rock and Roll.

This is the history that leads up to our jam in London, possibly the greatest city in the world for live music and one of the most important cities for Blues Music. What makes it even more special is that we are located just round the corner from the starting point of legendary acts such as The Kinks, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, and many, many more. Going through the 60s and 70s until the present day.

So what are you waiting for? Come and see the Greatest Blues Jam in London and take part for yourself!

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