Here at Northern Soul, we’ve got the perfect FREE TO HIRE space for you to hold a private party for birthdays, work do’s, club nights and any other sort of celebration!

What are our facilities?

Our FREE TO HIRE CLUB is equipped with a staffed bar, DJ Booth with equipment, and a fully fledged sound system CDJ2000 We’ve also got room and equipment for live bands to play, and if you need we can provide you with a house band or DJ especially for your event.

Our CLUB HAS 80-100 people capacity and has plenty of space for dancing. We can also set up tables and chairs for dining events or more formal situations.

The decor of our CLUB is sleek yet relaxed, with the perfect balance of cool and class. The atmosphere is fitting for any type of hire, whether it’s professional or leisure. We are always open to meeting your requirements and making sure that your experience is top notch.

Event planning and hiring out as a promoter

We’re always looking for people to hold public events with us by using the downstairs room, such as music nights and live gigs. If you are interested in this and want to speak to us, get in touch through the website or head on down to one of our events like the Free Blues Jam and we’ll be happy to talk!

Want to get in touch?

If you’re looking to hire out our FREE private event space then just send a message to us through the contact form below. Or, get in touch with us through our contact page.